Purchase Materials

I imported all the pumps and pipework for my tub from Almost Heaven Hot tubs in the United States. All the wood, cement and other building materials came from UK suppliers such as Travis Perkins and B&Q. The UPVC schedule 40 piping that is used to connect the jet bodies to their heads was purchased from Cole Parmer. To really finish the tub off I installed an underwater Spectrum AquaLight that cycles through a 7 colour spectrum to create different moods. I bought it from a local supplier, but I can't recall their name. However, in hindsight I would have imported it as it was about 3 times as expensive here in the UK.

Part NamePrice in USD
2.0 HP, Full Service, 50 Hz. Pump495.00
100 sq. ft Cartridge Filter195.00
11 kW Electric Heater395.00
Custom Concrete Jet Set (as per above)684.00
Concrete Skimmer95.00
Custom Large Plumbing Kit (as per above)495.00
Miscellaneous Plumbing Parts113.00
Four Function Air/Switch Timer, 50 Hz.295.00
Bubbler System225.00
Freeze Protector150.00
Water Purifier355.00
Spare 100 Sq Ft Cartridge90.00
Tentative Sub Total (not including shipping & handling, or import taxes)3637.00

Importing Parts

When you import anything from outside the EU you should bare in mind that you will have to pay VAT and possibly further duty as well on top of the price of items plus their shipping costs. The duty will vary depending on the type of goods. When I imported my spa parts I believe the duty was around 5%, and VAT is of course a further 17.5%. You should phone Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs on 0845 010 9000 and they will be able to tell you the exact duty rates.